Don’t Make This Mistake On Upwork — Advice For New Freelancer

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Well if you’re new to Upwork and didn’t get any project yet, then don’t worry you are not alone. Let’s try more. I am still trying and I am believing that I am going to get my first project very soon.

Here I would like to share a piece of advice about a mistake that I made a few days ago. I submitted a proposal for a job and got the first response on Upwork. That feeling was amazing. I was like, my dream is coming true. The green message button on the top bar was giving me so much hope and happiness. I clicked and redirected to the massage or chat room page.

When I checked the message, I found there something like below,

“Hey Ayaz, We are interested for collaboration, can we connect on linkedin (profile url)”

Being a new freelancer, I got confused. What to do? This is first response on Upwork and the client asking me to connect outside of Upwork. Let me ask you what would you do?

So I did a mistake, I replied like below

“Hello, xyz client. I want to work here on Upwork.”

Just after sending this message to the client, I realized that it could be better. But the client was online and I believe he found me a rude or insane person etc.

After that, I researched about that if freelancers are allowed to contact clients. I am still looking for the answer if Upwork allows freelancers to contact clients outside.

What did I learn?

I realized that always think about better communication. Same message we can convey in different ways. Like I could say to clients like below,

“Hey Xyz Client, I am very happy to see your message and I am hoping you will be my first client on Upwork. I don’t know much about Upwork policies so it would be great if we discuss here.”

The above message still can be better. But I think it is much better than that I sent to the client. In the end, I would like to advise freelancers about better communication with clients.



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