How Would Development Server Helps To Make Your App Reliable

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In my web development career, I have seen companies, directly develop new features on the production servers. Sometimes they had to pay a heavy cost because of choosing the wrong approach to add a new feature.

Let me give you an example that would prove the importance of a development server to making a reliable app. Suppose you have an app that has 100k subscribers, also you allocated thousands of dollars to Google Adwords for the campaign. Everything runs perfectly, you get hundreds of subscribers on daily basis with the help of a Google Ad campaign. At the same time, an idea comes up in your mind to add a new feature and you started work on it. So let’s say you have to alter the userstable for adding a foreign key feature_id with Not Null the constraint that enforces to NOT accept NULL values.

Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

On another side, you get leads from the campaign, customers would try to get register on your app. In that case, customers won’t be able to get registered, because API will be broken. Because you will have to edit or modify the registeration method or class to make it functional. This is just one example, that would cost you to lose customers.

Now let’s calculate the loss for one subscriber

Google Ad charges for 1 Subscriber = $1

Your subscription cost = $9

So every time when you lose a subscriber that would mean you will lose the above investment and $9 monthly profit (depends upon product and situation.)

But if you use a development server instead of the above approach, you will be able to add a well-tested feature to your app without losing any investment and subscribers. That’s how your app would be reliable for your subscribers.



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