My First Week Experience In DogeCoin

I was working on my usual tasks when my colleague informed me about doge coins. I think it was 4 May. Yes it was 4 May, I just confirmed through my transaction history. He said that he invested $100 in doge coins and he is very happy about his first step into crypto currency.

Then he shared the stat in which I saw a good progress. I was also thinking to invest some amount. It had been going up when I convinced.

I got 110 doge coins for $50. Let me share the screenshot which I had taken in the same time.

So I had 110 doge coins which worth was $48.31. Guess what just after few hours, it had reached to $59.28.

I was like, okay I could have invested more. It was a sad moment, you know what greed comes with stress.

For the next 4 to 5 days, it had been going up. Then next day (9th May) I invested some more amount, but at that time it was not like $50.

Right after few hours, it has been started to falling down. Till today I don’t see any progress.



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